Dating Ad Network is CPM-based. That means you get paid when your visitors surf your pages, not when they click ads or purchase something.

Traditional CPC or affiliate programs only pay when someone clicks an ad or makes a purchase:

  1. CPC engines pay only when your visitors click their ads.
  2. Affiliate programs pay only if they succeed in selling your visitors.

If nobody clicks the ads - they don't pay.
If they can't sell - they don't pay. If THEY can't sell then YOU don't get paid.

Because those programs shift the risk on you, you can end up wasting your traffic without getting paid. This is why it is so difficult to make money with affiliate programs.

Dating Ad Network pays you before someone clicks the ads you display on your site. You display your page and you earn credits towards your payment.

Your payments are issued according to your payment instructions: PayPal or by check.

There's another reason to use Dating Ad Network: you can receive cash and traffic blend. That is something you won't get in the other places. You simply tell us how much you want to receive in cash and how much in traffic.

Join Dating Ad Network to receive $$ by displaying ads on my site

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